Constitution Definition

6 Duties of the Governing Executive Committee

Other Duties


The Redbrick OMS must be unlocked at the start of each academic year. This requires a couple of forms, and a president. The chairperson should email the desired DCU lecturer in late August to ensure they have an agreement from the desired lecturer. See more details on the [[Redbrick President]].


The Chair’s job is to enable the other members of the Committee do what they do best, the roles they were elected for. That’s not achieved by having the most knowledge, though some is helpful. It’s not achieved by being the most liked. It’s achieved by having courage and confidence in the other Committee members, and the courage to pull them together towards your vision for the society.

As with nearly every leadership position, guide people with your actions. Your words are useful, but people won’t listen to you if you don’t practice what you preach.