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The (fork) Bombing of Redbrick

@wizzdom 📆 March 4, 2024 🍿 2 min read

For nearly the entire existence of Redbrick, we have had login boxes that allow users to connect to via ssh or using wetty; our current ones are pygmalion and azazel. Users can login to these machines in order to access services such as: editing your webspace, accessing your mailbox from the terminal, testing out programming projects and much more. These have been proven as an invaluable part of Redbrick’s services and this event showed us how important is is to harden and secure these boxes.

What Happened?

TL;DR: :(){ :|:& };:

Okay, what really Happened?

A fork bomb is a type of attack where a program keeps forking itself recursively, the most common one on bash being :(){ :|:& };:. This keeps going until the machine is completely overwhelmed and grinds to a halt.

A certain enthusiastic Redbrick member decided to “pen-test” our login boxes by running a fork bomb on them. You might think, surely the admins before us have put measures in place to prevent this, right? I’m afraid you would be mistaken, as was I. What followed was the complete lockup of pygmalion.

Finally, A Solution

We can set limits on how many processes a single user is allowed to have running simultaneously. This is configured in /etc/security/limits.conf:

root             hard    nproc      65536       # Prevent root from not being able to launch enough processes
# prevent fork bombs
*                hard    nproc      2048
@member          hard    nproc      128
@associat        hard    nproc      128

In other words:

  • The root user can still run as many processes as it likes
  • All redbrick members (those in the member or associat groups) are limited to 128 processes per user
  • Every other user (*) including admin accounts and system processes are limited to 2048 concurrent processes per user

Now we can test this by running ulimit -u for the given user and it should return the value we specified above.

Checking ulimits

Now lets take it to the extreme and try running a fork bomb on pyg!

Fork Bomb Failed

We can see that after a few seconds of running the fork bomb the limit is reached and the user is unable to spawn any new processes. This means the server stays up and running for everyone else. The only downside here is that any user who runs a fork bomb (or otherwise hits this limit) is unable to spawn a new shell and must either wait for the processes to die or contact the admins to clear all processes on their account.

User locked out

If you ever find yourself stuck or have any suggestions don’t hesitate to contact the admins!

Thanks for coming along for the ride!