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23/24 Semester 1 Week 5

@cheese 📆 October 8, 2023 🍿 2 min read

Week 5 Newsletter

Hey, brickies!

Welcome to the 5th week of the college year! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. The college year seems to be speeding by with no speed limit. Might wanna slow it down there a bit pal.

Have you seen the Linux PCs in the labs and thought, I would love that on my machine? Think no more, as we will be demonstrating how to install Linux on your own computer in L114 on Monday the 9th of October from 1:30-3pm. Upgrade your PC and have some pizza!

I’m sure you have been watching the F1 over the weekend and wanted to try racing for yourself. Now you can! Get behind the wheel as we will be hosting Racing AI down in L125 on Thursday the 12th of October from 1-2pm. Pizza is included.

We just had a successful EGM last week. The constitution was updated, pizza was eaten and we welcomed four new committee members to the team! Thanks to everyone for attending and thanks to everyone who ran for a position!

  • Dennis (swooshy) - First Year Rep
  • Stefania (stefania) - Events Officer
  • Philip (payne) - PRO
  • Callum (browner) - Ordinary Member

Do you want a Redbrick hoodie? Of course you do. It’s a great way to show off your Redbrick membership and you can have your username on the sleeve. If you are interested, please fill in this Google form here.

If you haven’t already, make sure to join our Discord server to interact with fellow brickies and the committee.


  • Linux Things: 9th of October @ 1:30-3pm, L114
  • Racing AI: 12th of October @ 1-2pm, L125
  • Redbrick Hoodies: Form here

Upcoming Events

Racing AI


Do you like cars? Do you like AI? Is your dream to combine the two? Well your dream has come true, race your way down to L125 on Thursday the 12th of October from 1-2pm to learn about the wonderful world of Racing AI.


Linux Things


Want to be able to say “I use Arch btw” to your friends. Sick and tired of Windows auto-updating and breaking everything? Well get ready to remove your windows as a new operating system will be entering your house, Linux! Come to L114 on Monday the 9th of October at 1:30-3pm to partake. Bring your laptop if you want!

Jake Farrell (cheese)
Redbrick Secretary 2023-2024