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22/23 Semester 2 Week 12

@cheese 📆 April 2, 2023 🍿 2 min read

Week 12 Newsletter

Hey, brickies!

Hope you are doing well and are having a good weekend.

I can’t believe it’s week 12 already, this semester has flown by and I’ve been wondering where the time has gone. The exams are looming ever closer but we don’t talk about that.

Welcome to the first newsletter by your new secretary, Jake. Every secretary has had a certain theme for the emails. At the start of this college year it was F1 news, then it was bread, and now I present the new theme: cat gifs, because who doesn’t like them? You will like them :)

Today’s cat GIF of the week is an accurate representation of me writing this newsletter for you. Speedy cat typing away, look at him go! He definitely has a record-breaking WPM score.

We held our AGM last week where many members showed up to vote and ran for positions. Thank you to everyone for attending, voting and running. Pizza was eaten, members were elected and resign was screamed.

Today was a sad day also, with many of our 4th years leaving us soon. Thank you for all your hard work over the years, you will be missed! Meet your new committee and view their roles below. Well done to the newmittie of 2023/24!

Chair: distro (James)

Vice Chair: pluto (Shane)

Secretary: cheese (Jake)

Treasurer: calcifer (Malavika)

Admins: cathalog (Cathal), wizzdom (Dominic), ymacomp (Amy)

Helpdesk: ayden (Ayden), baxter (Frankie)

Webmaster: magma (Jed)

Graphic Design Officer: ishita (Ishita)

Events Officers: bones (Justin), amusingorb (Robert)

Ordinary Members: arkues (Leo), daniel (Daniel)

Our committee had an excellent time at the Clubs & Societies ball last week and a huge congratulations to both James and Ishita for winning Individual Contribution to Society Life awards!

As for this week’s events, there will be no hackerclub this week sadly. But don’t worry, we have an exciting pub quiz for you on Thursday. We hope to see you there!

If you haven’t already, make sure to join our Discord server to chill out with fellow brickies and the committee.

TL;DR: Pub Quiz: 7:00 PM Thursday 6th April in Nubar

Upcoming Events This Week

Pub Quiz


Got a flair for general knowledge? Have a competitive spirit? Well, come on down to our pub quiz! It’s on in Nubar at 7 PM on the 6th of April.

There is a max of 5 members in a team and you could be lucky enough to win some tasty JustEat vouchers for you and your friends!

The prizes are €50 for first, €25 for second and €15 for third. Each prize is per person!

Jake Farrell (cheese)
Redbrick Secretary 2023-2024