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23/24 Semester 1 Week 11

@cheese 📆 November 20, 2023 🍿 3 min read

Week 11 Newsletter

Hey, brickies!

Welcome to week 11 everyone! Hope you all had a lovely weekend! You better start writing those Santa letters (preferably in Markdown) and get them sent off to the Redbrick Santa before the Christmas Party!

Did someone say Christmas Party? Looks like Mariah Carey has finally defrosted! Redbrick will be having its annual Christmas party featuring our very own Santa in Nubar on Tuesday the 28th of November from 7.30pm. And instead of pizza, presents will be given out!

Hackerclub this week will be all about the world of Cloud Computing. We will be walking you through how to host your website on your own domain, as well as telling you all about the great offers that are available to students. Get your head out of the clouds and come back down to LG25 on Wednesday the 22nd of November from 3-5pm. We will have cloud-flavoured pizza for you!

For our main event this week we will be hosting a Q&A talk with a developer from 2K games! Ever wanted to learn how your favourite games are made? Well, come on down to LG25 on Tuesday the 21st of November from 4-5pm. 2K have also opened their graduate program, if you are interested in applying for it, click this link here.

Redbrick, along with UCD, TUD and more are organising a Computing Societies Ball which will be taking place around mid-February 2024 (Date coming soon™) Tickets will be around €60 with more information coming in the following weeks. If you would be interested in attending, fill out this Google form here.

If you haven’t already, make sure to join our Discord server to interact with fellow brickies and the committee.


  • 2K Games Talk: 21st of November @ 4-5pm, LG25
  • Hackerclub - Cloud Computing: 22nd of November @3-5pm, LG25
  • Redbrick Christmas Party: 28th of November @ 7:30pm, Nubar
  • CompSoc Ball: Interest form here

Upcoming Events

2K Games Q&A


Have you played games such as XCOM, Mafia and Borderlands and wondered what goes into making them? Want to hear what it’s like to work in the game development industry? Do you have burning questions that you need answered? We will be hosting a Q&A from a developer at 2K games in LG25 on Tuesday the 21st of November from 4-5pm. Pizza will be provided! If you are interested in their graduate program, click the link here to apply.

Christmas Party


Do you like Christmas? Of course you do! Why don’t you come on down to our Christmas Party? It’s the perfect time to relax before the exams. You will get the privilege to meet our very own Redbrick Santa and you will get presents instead of pizza! It’s on in Nubar on Tuesday the 28th of November at 7:30pm, we hope to see you there!


Cloud Computing


Are you interested in setting up your own website to showcase all of your work? Want to have your own domain with your name but are unsure of the steps to take? Heard about the GitHub Student Developer Pack and want to take full advantage of what it has to offer? Come on down to LG25 on Wednesday the 22nd of November from 3-5pm to find out more! Free pizza too!

Jake Farrell (cheese)
Redbrick Secretary 2023-2024