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Brickbowl 23/24

@orb 📆 November 1, 2023 🍿 1 min read

What does Redbrick have to do with bowling? Not a whole lot.
How much do we care? Also, not a whole lot.

Something about the idea of rolling a heavy ball down a shiny wooden lane towards some helpless wooden pins really appeals to people. There something almost sadistic about the desire to knock down all those pins. To be fair, it is immensely satisfying.


We found out after arriving that there was a pizza place next door, but instead of having to leave the comfort of our lanes, they would actually deliver straight to us! Ain’t that sweet.


Plenty of committee and brickies came along, and there were many shenanigans on the bus to the venue in Blanchardstown. Event was enjoyed by all, and a visit to Workman’s was much needed after the antics of the evening. Once the pints started flowing, there weren’t many pictures taken, so this will have to suffice: